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BIIIG was a massive step up from the standard Stiiizy. The bigger battery gives it a cool beefy look and allows for a much stronger hit. Much more vapor is produced allowing for stronger effects. Stiiizy offers a new approach to vaping THC oil with their pod cartridges. The Stiiizy pen looks sleek and futuristic as if Apple designed it themselves.This company emerged in 2017 and quickly stiiizy ceo established itself as a high-quality THC vaping product. The vaping functionality of Stiiizy pods are great, and I never experienced any problems. Stiiizy pods allow for easy vaping action without any draw resistance.  stiiizy ceo One issue is there always remains a small amount of cannabis oil that you won’t be able to vape. The small amount of THC oil will remain in the middle of the pod (on both sides of the pod). The vape pen battery from Stiiizy is an attractive piece of hardware. Its compact size makes it a popular alternative to the typical pen shaped vape pen batteries.

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